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Time to invest capital into Solar-Powered Assets, joining the growing chorus of smart poultry producers that have discovered the commercial solar benefits for business.

Installing a solar energy system might seem like a risky move in a complex and confusing market. Fortune 500 companies are going solar but is it feasible for your organization.

It is time to shake off that old way of thinking and join the growing chorus of smart business owners who have discovered the commercial and agricultural solar benefits for business.

Solar-powered energy has dropped considerably in the last five years while electricity prices skyrocket, making the economics of solar even more attractive. seeing savings of 50% to 75%.

Cut Operating Costs: Solar power enables the business to lower current electricity costs significantly by locking in electricity prices and controls future electricity costs by hedging price volatility and inflation.

Increased Cash Flow: Lower electrical cost, the elimination of rate increases and minimizing long-term expenses will increase revenue and positive cash flow.

Return On Capital: Financial incentives provided through the Federal Governments’ Solar Investment Tax Credit program, accelerated depreciation, funding programs, and some, local utility rebates. All significantly reducing your cost of solar power, a sustainable producing asset for years to come.

Return On Investment: Investment returns benefit from cost savings, investment of free cash flow and government financial incentives can reduce the solar power plant price by as much as 60% to 70%.

Environmental: Solar energy systems/power plants do not produce air pollution or greenhouse gases, preserve water, and reduce climate change.

Sustainable Farms: Three different parameters determine sustainability: environmental sustainability (means it doesn’t harm the environment), social sustainability (good steward of resources), and economic sustainability (unlimited renewable energy that is the lowest cost).

Let Our Team Help You Find the Right Plan for Your Budget!

Solar Plans and Packages for every budget

Solar Loan
Purchase and finance your system

  • 25-year warranty
  • 25% Down
  • Predictable monthly power bill


Solar PPA/Lease
Pay a fixed rate

  • 25-year warranty
  • 0% Down
  • Pay for what you use

Solar Cash Purchase
Own your system outright

  • 25-year warranty
  • Full cost upfront
  • Savings go right to your pocket

Cor Solar & Electric energy consultants will prepare an easy to understand Investment Benefit Analysis outlining the financial benefits generated by a solar investment.



The answer is easy: You want to “own your power” for the same reason you want to own your home. When you own your home your monthly mortgage payment goes toward building a long-term asset that increases in value over time. But when you rent a house that monthly rent payment is gone forever – you never get it back.
The same is true when you pay your monthly utility bill to the utility company – that money is gone forever. With solar, however, you replace all or most of your monthly utility bill with solar – an investment asset that immediately increases the value of your buildings or land and continues to pay above market financial returns for years into the future.


103.095 – Arkansas

Annual Expense Savings:
1st/yr $7,982.00
10th/yr $79,820.00

Free Cash Flow:
$239,490.00 over 30 years

Return on Investment:

Payback Period:
2 yr ROI

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